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Food Oasis

Food Oasis is built to provide information about food pantries and meal programs to food seekers in Los Angeles County. It is a project of Hack for LA, which, in turn, is a brigade of Code for America.



Businesses can now help communities affected by natural disasters! Helpfull registers the business in its database and displays available free services upon submitting the area zip code. Made by 4 bootcamp students with 💚



Request management app for Landlords and Tenants. Each user has access to an individual dashboard showing the request status. Built with unique UI in mind. Though unfinished, TiskTask ended up looking exactly as planned.


Memory game

Thematic take on a click based memory game. The app keeps a score of correct answers and the highest score per session. It was fun playing with Math methods and implementing React into an app for the first time.

Security Pro USA

Security Pro USA is an ecommerce store specializing in military and public safety equipment and security solutions. Working on this website has been a part of my full-time job and I have had a chance to work on adding new functionalities, as well as maintaining and updating the web content on Shopify.


California Tactical Academy

CTA is an outdoor training area for recreational shooting sports and self-defense in Piru, CA. The range website is built on Wordpress and uses Woocommerce to manage online sales. As part of my full-time job, I have worked on building several of the website's pages, adding and updating the content, as well as managing plugins and adding new functionalities.



Hi! I’m Marine Mekhakyan. Based in LA and made in the vibrant city of Yerevan 🔆 I’ll keep this part brief and just say, I enjoy what I do as a front-end developer and how it translates in my work. My favorite part in creating websites and web apps is understanding the project’s purpose and designing with specific audience in mind. It helps create a visual that speaks to the user and provides a simple and memorable experience.
Being multilingual has its impact on how I see the world. While many of my ideas come from random encounters and colors, it’s always eye-opening to meet people from different cultural backgrounds and hear their ideas and perspectives. This helps develop a better understanding of how our minds work and how to use our creative potential positively. Being able to bring these ideas to life through code is amazing!
I’m always excited to take on new projects, so feel free to get in touch!